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We are a tavern and community commons in north Asheville committed to brewing excellent classical style beers and making space for the village to gather and be in community. We are hoping to open our doors in Spring 2016. 

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Pints with Professors - Elections Edition

Join us at Habitat Tavern and Commons as we partner with UNC Ashevilleto learn about our electoral systems on Tuesday, Nov. 6! 

Dr. Ashley Moraguez (Political Science) and Dr. Patrick Bahls (Math and Honors Program) present:

"Why Do / Don't People Vote? And What Can Go Wrong With Voting, Anyway?"

Since it's Election Day, tonight we'll consider elections with UNC AshevilleProfessors Ashley Moraguez (Political Science) and Patrick Bahls (Mathematics).

Fifty-five percent of eligible voters turned out to vote in 2016, a 20-year low for presidential elections. Turnout in the 2014 midterms was just 36.4 percent, the lowest since World War II. Why are turnout rates so low in the US, especially relative to other advanced democracies? And, let's assume for a second that we managed to hold an election completely free of fraud and unfairness, that everyone who's allowed to vote does so and does so only once. Can we go home and pat ourselves on the back for a successful dose of democracy? 

Tonight we'll talk about Arrow's Theorem, Duverger's Law, and Donald Saari's geometric analysis of positional systems in order to learn just how much can go wrong with a seemingly ordinary election. And, we’ll discuss the paradox of voting in the United States, explore some of the individual and institutional factors that determine turnout, and discuss the implications they have for our democracy.

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