habitat brewing co.

We are a tavern and community commons in north Asheville committed to brewing excellent classical style beers and making space for the village to gather and be in community. We are hoping to open our doors in Spring 2016. 

bumps in the road

As the title of this post suggests, we have come up on some unforeseen bumps that are keeping us from opening when we thought we might. This is of course to be expected, but it is not without it's frustrations. Some of these things were outside of our control, and some include oversights on our part that we simply missed because we've never done a construction project like the one we've undertaken at 174 Broadway. Even our contractor missed something in the architect's plans that should've been done months ago. These things do happen, but it is the city's job to make sure that our building is safe before we allow anyone to come through our doors for business. 

We are grateful for your support and encouragement through all of it, and trust us when we say that we are as anxious to open as you all are. We will get there and we have many people reminding us to keep our heads up. Though it is difficult to do so, and we probably aren't sleeping as well as would be under more normal circumstances, we keep going forward. We thought we would have been open awhile ago, and though the vast majority of the work is done on the building, we are awaiting some things such as a fire alarm installation and some adjustments we had to make while receiving our final inspections. 

We can't wait till the day we get to blast out a post that says, "We're open! Come on in." That day is coming soon and in a year these anxious days will be long forgotten. Thanks for hanging in there with us! 

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Habitat Tavern & Commons  174 Broadway Street, Asheville, NC 28801