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We are a tavern and community commons in north Asheville committed to brewing excellent classical style beers and making space for the village to gather and be in community. We are hoping to open our doors in Spring 2016. 


"We can identify the basic qualities of partnership. They would seem to include 1) commitment that involves responsibility, vulnerability, equality and trust among persons or groups who share a variety of gifts or resources; 2) common struggle and work involving risk, continued growth, and hopefulness in moving toward a goal or purpose transcending the group itself; 3) contextuality in interacting with a wider community of persons, social structures, values and beliefs that may provide support, correctives, or feedback. There is never a complete equality in a dynamic relationship, but a pattern of equal regard and mutual acceptance among partners is essential. When such a relationship is alive and growing we usually find the gifts of synergy, serendipity and sharing. That is, partners produce an overspill of energy that is greater than the sum of the parts, and that displays unexpected or serendipitous gifts and the impulses to share that energy with others."

 ~Letty Russell, The Future of Partnership

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"When Habitat Brewing opened up, I just knew that a relationship was in the future. Asheville Habitat for Humanity is so grateful to the fine folks at Habitat Brewing for their partnership on the House that Beer Built. They have been nothing but delightful to work with and truly seem to embody the word “community” in their actions – bringing locals and visitors together to the table to make our city better for everyone while brewing delicious beer. We’re so grateful for their presence, their kindness and their willingness to work with our local community to bring people together – around beer."

-- Beth Russo | Development Officer, Individual and Corporate Giving, Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity

"In a short time, Habitat has established itself as a local treasure and authentic community hub! We are excited to co-host our annual "Positively Odyssey" party and silent auction at Habitat on December 2nd, 2017. We are inspired by Jen and Matt's obvious commitment to providing meaningful, genuine event experiences with an all-Asheville neighborhood feel! Thank you!"

-- Kristin Harkey | Odyssey Community School, Pre-K through 12th Grade Integral Design School

"Blue Ridge Public Radio (BPR) has had two great events at Habitat. One introduced our new arts journalist to the community, and the other was a community conversation with Frank Stasio, the host of State of Things, and the BPR News staff about covering politics and government in North Carolina. Our staff and our guests enjoyed the great beer and the opportunity to exchange ideas in a welcoming space. We’re looking forward to getting back to Habitat soon."

-- David Feingold | General Manager & CEO, Blue Ridge Public Radio, WCQS & BPR News

"I have had the joy of working with Habitat both as the venue for my wedding and as coaching clients. In both areas I've loved getting to know their heart for community, their desire for creating a safe space for people of all walks of life and a passion to create a place of coming together. I am so happy to have a space such as this in our city and look forward to more amazing events, dialogue and beer to come!"

-- Sarajane Case | www.sarajanecase.com

"I am fortunate and grateful to host my weekly Spanish classes, Hablamos Espanol, at Habitat Brewery. I had the idea to have Adult conversational classes for a long time but didn't have a space that would be welcoming and convenient. Then Habitat came along! They all were so positive and engaged in the possibility of having me there for my classes. Being able to conduct my classes there is such a wonderful thing. The owners and staff have helped me grow my classes and always have a delicious beverage for me and a treat waiting for my trusty assistant, my dog Mae. I am so happy and honored to be a part of the Habitat Community."

-- Carmen Ybarra | Hablamos Asheville

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Habitat Tavern & Commons  174 Broadway Street, Asheville, NC 28801